Flooding is one of the major weather-related risks in the US. Every year billions of dollars are spent on fixing water damages. If you’re one of the many people who’ve suffered flooding at home, we’re here to help you. At EnviroClean, we offer efficient water damage restoration services to treat water damage promptly.

Here are some ways you can help control the situation at your home after a flood:

A water damaged wall

Call your insurers

Most home insurances cover for flood damages. Contact your insurers to figure out if they’d provide for your home restoration. Take clear pictures of all structural damages caused due to the flooding. Ensure you record digital proof of the damage before making any repairs to get the full extent of your coverage.


**If you are overwhelmed about working with your insurance company. At EnviroClean, the owner of the company is happy to help you navigate. Feel free to give us a call first and we can walk you through the information you will need to have ready for your insurance company.

Get the water pumped out

Professional water damage restorers remove the water from your home promptly before it can cause further damage. We also get rid of any saturated material, including carpets and rugs, that can ruin your flooring and cause potential health risks. Our water damage restoration services use recent technology equipment to reduce the risk of further structural and functional destruction.

Hire a licensed electrical contractor

In case of flood damage, never touch your electrical fixtures, switches, and outlets. We repeat: never touch your electrical wiring before getting it professionally inspected. Electrocution is one of the most severe repercussions of water damage.

Knowing how to deal with it is key to saving yourself and your family from an unfortunate situation. Reach out to a licensed electrical contractor to get your power outlets, wiring, and fixtures unexpected. Switch on the main power supply only after you’ve completed this step.

Image filename: water-damaged-wooden-flooring

Image alt text: Water damaged wooden flooring

Get your flooring replaced

Hardwood and laminate flooring get the most affected by water damage. They can swell and warp and lead to mold growth. Protect your family from potential health risks by getting your flooring replaced after the flooding. Ensure that you work with a trusted flooring company that’d use high-quality water-resistant material to install a long-lasting and durable surface.

Sanitize and mold-proof your home

The water damage restoration services at EnviroClean aren’t limited to extracting water. We also provide sanitizing, odor removal, and mold prevention services to our clients. Disinfecting your home after flooding is crucial to ensure hygiene because it may have been exposed to unsanitary water that can pose health risks.

If you’re located in Falmouth and Scarborough in South Portland, reach out to us for emergency water damage extraction and restoration services. We also provide carpet cleaning, floor care, and residential disinfecting services at unmatched rates.