Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke from cigarettes, fires, and wood stoves can damage your home. But you may not even realize it’s happening.

Over time, if the inside of your home gets exposed to different sources of smoke, the damage slowly builds up. Smoking indoors and leaky woodstoves or fireplaces can slowly damage the interior of your house over time.

Things like carpets, drapes, furniture and floors, cabinets, ceilings, and trim are susceptible to harm from smoke. If you have a house fire, there is also, of course, damage, although it is less subtle.

If you’re a smoker and smoke inside your home, you may not care about the damage it does to the house. But if you’d like to sell your house or just bought a house with smoke damage, you need to have it restored.

The staff at EnviroClean can restore the interior of your home from smoke damage. We can remove the yellowing caused by years of smoking and remove odors and other damage from fires and smoke.

Do You Need Smoke and Fire Restoration?

If your house has sustained any damage from a fire or smoking, you should have it remediated. Usually, smoke damage of any kind leaves behind offputting odors. You may not notice them if you live with them every day, but houseguests and potential buyers will.

Smoke odors can make people not want to visit. It also lowers the resale value of your house and reduces interest in buying your property.

Without a restoration, you’re stuck with these odors and the negative impacts they have. Smoke also often causes color damage.

Smoking inside your home is not recommended because of the odor it produces. But smoking indoors will also, over time, damage the appearance of the interior of your house.

Yellowing caused by indoor smoking can severely affect the value of your home. Without a smoke restoration, the color, plus the odor, stays in your walls, ceilings, and floors.

Overall without smoke or fire restoration, the value of your house is lower, and the interior is dull, faded, and damaged.

Why Should you Get Smoke and Fire Restoration?

If you had a fire in your house, but it is still liveable, you need a fire restoration to move back in. Without fire restoration, you won’t be able to live there again.

After a fire, it’s dangerous to be inside. House fires leave behind a lot of harmful residues like soot and debris.

The firefighting efforts also need remediation. To put a fire out, firefighters use large amounts of water and chemicals.

If you don’t clean all this up before you move back in, you’ll have mold, soot, and biohazard problems, plus the smell. These things can be very unhealthy.

If you haven’t had a fire but have smoke damage from smoking instead, it’s still wise to get a smoke restoration. If for no other reason than to maintain the value of your property.

If you want to sell your home or just bought a place with smoke damage, you have two options to get rid of the damage. You can remove and replace all smoke-damaged elements in the house.

Or, you can get a smoke restoration to remove the odor and discoloration caused by the smoke. Smoke remediation is cheaper and quicker than replacing parts of a building.

Without clearing up the smokiness of an interior, the value of the property drops significantly. And no one will likely want to purchase or rent a building in that condition.

Clear up smoke and fire damage in your home or apartment building. Schedule a consultation with EnviroClean in Portland, ME, to learn what it will take to get your house back into shape!

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