Hot water extraction is often mistakenly referred to as “steam cleaning,” even though both methods are quite different. Steam cleaning uses boiling water to clean your carpet, whereas hot water extraction uses heated water and a cleaning agent to deep clean your carpet.

To help you differentiate between the two processes and understand why hot water extraction cleaning is better for your carpet and upholstery, we’ve consolidated some points that can help you decide.

How It Works

Hot water extraction primarily uses high-temperature water, a cleaning agent, and a powerful vacuum to clean your carpet. Firstly, the cleaner sprays hot water onto the carpet to loosen up debris, dirt, and other residue material. This hot water is mixed with a cleaning agent that helps shake loose the contaminants in the carpet’s material.

Then, a high-powered vacuum is used to extract the water and solution from your carpet. This ensures there is no residue left behind that might produce an unwanted odor or damage your carpet’s material.

People stretching on the carpet in their living room

Hot water extraction is a simple carpet cleaning process that can revive how your carpet looks and maintain its soft texture even after multiple cleaning sessions. Here are some more benefits of opting for hot water extraction carpet cleaning by professionals.

1.    Deeper Clean

Vacuuming is effective in removing dirt and debris, but if you’ve had a carpet for a long time, it probably needs a deeper clean than surface vacuuming. Hot water extraction allows the cleaning agent to seep into the carpet and pull out the contaminants with a powerful vacuum.

The hot water spray and vacuum clean the inner fibers of your carpet, which is unreachable through surface vacuuming.

2.    Better Than Steam Cleaning

While hot water extraction and steam cleaning are used as interchangeable terms, they are different processes of carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning, which uses boiling water steam, damages the inner fibers of carpets, reducing its lifespan. It can also lead to water stains and mold growth because of the longer drying time, post-treatment.

3.    Eco-Friendly

How water extraction is also a completely eco-friendly process, making it preferable over carpet shampooing and steam cleaning. Its usage of high-pressure water and cleaning agent only make the waste materials environment-friendly. The cleaning agents used are biodegradable to ensure there isn’t any harmful residue that can damage your carpet or post health risks to your loved ones.

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