With babies and children running around, carpet cleaning goes to a whole new level. Even though you may have some rules set in place, such as a ‘no shoe zone’ or doing crafts on the table, it’s difficult to eliminate the possibility of stains completely. Here are some tips to keep your rug good as new, even with little ones around.


Immediate Action Prevents Permanent StainsLittle girl smiling after painting herself with colors.


With a baby on board, stains are inevitable. From food spills and diaper mess to marker drawings, all can become permanent stains on your carpet if not tackled immediately. For food spills, blot any moisture with a towel, make sure to press gently, and not force the liquid to penetrate deeper. Then wait for it to dry and use vacuum up the food particles. To remove fresh stains for some damage control, combine one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to a half cup of vinegar and warm water. Soak a cloth in the solution and dab until the stain is gone.


Separate Play Area Helps Limit Possible Damage


Babies love to play around and create as much mess as possible. Even the slightest juice spills tend to be a sight of amusement for them. You can’t and shouldn’t stop your children from playing and learning, but the mess can be controlled by designating a separate play area for your child.


You can use baby gates to keep the area as contained as possible, and it will help avoid the spreading of stains by concentrating it on that particular play area.

Opt for Child-Friendly Flooring Solutions


Look for child-friendly tiles or flooring solutions. Carpet squares are an ideal option, although designed for hard surfaces, they can also be used in carpeted areas. These inexpensive squares can easily be switched once stained or damaged, making them a perfect option for small children. In addition, colorful foam alphabet tiles and play mats can also be used to protect carpeted surfaces during playtime.


Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned


If your carpet is already stained, it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Excessive scrubbing or applying home remedies can ruin the fabric and texture of your rug. A professional has the resources the tools required to remove the stains. Deep cleaning is crucial to remove all contaminants and keep the fibers of your rug intact while extending its lifespan.  


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