According to the 2019–2020 National Pet Owners Survey, sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own pets. Although pets may be a great addition to families, they may be a threat to your carpets and upholstery. Here are some tips that can help every pet owner protect their precious carpets.


1. Keep their Paws Clean


Come rain or shine, pet owners have to take their pets for walks, dogs in particular. Most of the dust, dirt, and grime is transferred into the home comes from the paws of the pet. Outdoor dirt can easily cling to the paw’s contours and wipe on the bristles of the carpet. To limit the damage, it’s essential to clean their paws after every walk. Keeping an extra towel or a spray bottle comes in handy to give then a light wash and wipe before entering your home.


2. DIY Your Way Through Cat and dog fur can cling to the bristles of carpets.


With pets, accidents are bound to happen, no matter how well-trained they may be. Wet accidents like urine or vomit, are quick to absorb and can penetrate through deep layers of the carpet.


Using a paper towel to blot and soak up the mess is not advisable, as this may force the liquid even deeper, which may then act as a breeding ground for bacteria.


A towel rag is ideal, make a DIY solution using equal proportions of water and vinegar and store it in a spray bottle. As soon as your pet has an accident, spray the liquid and gently press on the surface with a towel rag, finish the job with your trusty vacuum cleaner.


3. Regular Grooming


Keeping your pets clean and tidy helps reduce the amount of dirt in the house. Even though water or baths may not be a favorite for all pets, it does help eliminate any odor and dirt accumulation.


With cats and dogs, hair shedding is quite normal for most breeds; these hairs tend to linger on the surface of carpets and upholstery. Proper and timely grooming will reduce the amount of hair in your home. Ask the veterinarian or groomer to recommend the best brush or comb that will work best for your pet’s hair type.


4. Let the Professionals Do Their Job


No matter how much care is given to the carpets, if you have pets around, it may not look its best. Deep cleaning can spruce up your carpet and help it regain its former glory. Cleaning professionals can help remove tough stains and odor that’s difficult to get rid of.

The carpet cleaning experts recommended getting your carpet professionally cleaned once every six months.


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