Fuzzy, green, and bound to give you the jitters, we’ve all had to come face to face with mold at least once—whether it was growing in the basement ceiling or the cup you forgot to wash before heading off for vacation!


Although gross, the science behind mold is fascinating! Part of the same fungi kingdom that gives you delicious mushrooms and fine wine, it’s important to understand how mold is formed. Knowing these facts might even help you eliminate mold from your home!

What Is Mold?


There are approximately a million types of fungi, and mold happens to be one of them! Even within mold, there are a thousand different kinds. However, they all have a similar composition. All molds have low amounts of chlorophyll and have a cell wall. And their means of reproduction is through spores.


Mold’s primary source of ‘food’ is organic matter, which is why you find usually find it on old bread or pasta. However, mold doesn’t just feed on food, as we do. It can also find food sources on walls, carpet, or clothes! Water, moisture, and carbon atoms are the main components it needs to grow in your home.

Optimal Condition For Mold Growth


Many homeowners try to limit the growth of mold through temperature control. Unfortunately, mold thrives at the same temperature humans do. So, unless you plan on making your home inhabitable for yourself with extreme temperature settings, mold will not leave.


Mold loves moisture. As discussed previously, water and carbon atoms are the primary components mold needs to grow. And the more moisture is available, the more it will continue to reproduce rapidly.


So, humidity is a significant determinant of mold growth on your walls and carpet. Additionally, carpets are filled with dead skin cells and food crumbs, which serve as organic matter for mold to feed on and grow.

Eliminating Mold Growth


Close up of professional using gloves and cleaning materials to remove mold


Although mold is not severely toxic, it can cause structural damage to your home. The carbon on surfaces is used by mold as a food source. The digestive enzymes break down the material slowly, causing it to weaken. This can cause your furniture to lose its color and deteriorate, no matter how expensive it is.


Although you might find many home remedies for mold renewal, the solutions are temporary, and mold will eventually make it back to your home. The best course of action is to look for a professional mold cleaning service.


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