Water damage is often the result of an emergency; therefore, every homeowner must know what they can do in such a situation. Given the urgency of the situation, it’s essential to have a water damage restoration service on speed-dial.

Damage tends to worsen the longer water stays in any place while slowing seeping into the building’s infrastructure, weakening it in the long run. To help you prepare for such an emergency, we’ve put together some critical aspects of the entire damage and restoration process.

Common Water Damage Causes

Water damage can take different forms and affect your home in several different ways. The most apparent cause can be flooding due to natural reasons or a broken down appliance. Flooding can result in standing water indoors, which can cause long-term problems apart from immediate damage.

Rainy weather and storms can also lead to excess water build-up, which may not flush away in time and seep into your home. Faulty plumbing and leaky pipes can also cause water damage to the foundation of your home. While this is difficult to notice from the get-go, water damage from lousy plumbing can cost a lot to restore if not identified in time.

What To Expect From A Water Damage Restoration Company

The first requirement of an effective water damage restoration company should be an emergency response. They should provide services round the clock because a timely response can save homeowners thousands of dollars in the restoration process.

The company should have trained technicians that come to inspect the damage incurred around the property. This should be done using devices that measure moisture levels and accurately identify wet, damaged areas that need to be treated. The technician should consolidate their findings in a report that provides an estimate of the damage caused and the cost incurred by the homeowner.

Mold growing on a brick wall due to water damage

The Restoration Process At EnviroClean

EnviroClean is a water damage restoration company in South Portland, Maine, that provides the community with an array of damage control services. Our water damage restoration service is a four-step process that can help homeowners mitigate the damage as early and quickly as possible. Through a comprehensive water extraction strategy, dehumidification and drying, sanitization followed by mold removal, if needed, we at EnviroClean address the issue of water damage holistically.

If you’re in Falmouth, Scarborough, and surrounding areas in Maine, get in touch with us for water damage restoration services. Our experienced technicians will ensure you have a satisfying experience!