Buying furniture for your new home can be very exciting, provided you have the budget to get everything you want. But we’re living in tough times, and all of us could use some savings. 

Getting vintage pieces from a used furniture store can help you save hundreds of dollars, so you can furnish your home without breaking the bank. We understand your reluctance when it comes to investing in used furniture that may look shoddy and worn down, but with the right upholstery cleaning services, your vintage furniture can look as good as new! 

You’ve seen celebrities pick up gorgeous antiques from used furniture stores, and you can do it too!  Here’s how you can transform used furniture into a treasure trove with our upholstery cleaning services.

Reviving Your Old Couch


Perhaps no other piece of furniture endures more wear and tear than your living room couch. Your couch is where you crash after a long day of work. It’s where your friends and family huddle for movie night. It has to deal with the pitter-patter of your sister’s kids, the crumbs of your favorite snacks, and the stains of your go-to beverage on lonely Saturday nights. Keeping all this in mind, buying an old couch can seem like a big no-no; however, upholstery cleaning services can revive your vintage couch without forcing you to dig too deep into your wallet. 

Spot Clean

Upholstery services involve thoroughly inspecting your couch to identify stubborn stains that require special attention. Companies that offer premium upholstery cleaning services use advanced technology to eliminate spots from your couch. 

Deep Cleaning

No DIY solution is ever going to match the results of professional upholstery cleaning services. Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning companies have access to top-grade solvents and specialized equipment to thoroughly deep clean furniture without damaging it. 

The deep clean process removes any dust, debris, and allergens lodged into the fabric of your couch. The removal of layers of dust and debris should instantly brighten the colors of the upholstery and smoothen its fibers. 

Stain Protection

What’s the point of cleaning upholstery when it’s going to get soiled again, right? Thanks to advanced technology, you can protect your upholstery by applying a fabric protector; this is a thin coating that protects your upholstery from stains and other wear and tears it may be exposed to in the future. 

The protective coating also helps preserve your furniture’s original color, so it’s less prone to fading and discoloration. It also stops spills from seeping into the fibers, allowing you to wipe them clean. The same upholstery cleaning services can be used on padded chairs, ottomans, poufs, and other vintage pieces you find. 


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