Airborne diseases are normally feared more than others. This is because the germs from these diseases tend to linger in the air, on surfaces and even on humans before they realize. These diseases are transmitted through small water particles that escape our mouths or noses and are sent into the air. So, coughing, sneezing, or even laughing or talking too loud can possibly cause an airborne disease to spread.

The fear of airborne diseases is justified, as they can prove to be fatal at times. A prime example of this is the novel coronavirus. However, there are some ways you can disinfect your home against airborne diseases.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are very useful in providing clean air in areas where people are in close contact. Though we’re not sure whether it can fully get rid of an airborne disease, it does help significantly in limiting the spread of such diseases. An air purifier cleans out the air in a space almost 6 times per hour, by trapping disease-ridden air and water particles in its filters and releasing clean air. So, you should definitely invest in an air purifier if you’re trying to be careful.

Disinfect Surfaces Regularly

A person sanitizing their hands to protect against diseases

Yes, airborne diseases travel through the air, but they spread through surfaces as well. If someone coughs even six feet away from you and th e diseases air particles reach a surface, they’re bound to stay there for a while. If you touch the same surface later on, the disease could pass on to you. This is why disinfecting surfaces, as well as your hands, on a regular basis, is extremely important.

Hire a Residential Disinfecting Service

A professional disinfecting service can decontaminate the air and all surfaces in your house much more effectively than you can. This is especially useful if you share the same space with someone who contracts a disease. Once they recover, it is imperative that you have the space professionally disinfected to make it safe for living.

If you’re looking for a residential disinfecting service in South Portland, EnviroClean is a great solution for you. We offer residential as well as office-based disinfection services to make sure your space is free of any diseases.