Why Go For Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning Products?

You’d think that getting your carpets clean would make your home healthier, but that is not always the case. Like various household cleaners can have an adverse reaction to human health, they can be equally dangerous for your pets, which is mainly true when it comes to cleaning carpets.

Unlike us, our pets spend a fair amount of their time on a carpet or rug whether they are laying down for their nap or simply walking. Ensuring that only pet-safe, yet effective, products are used to clean your carpet is the best means to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Research by The Environmental Working Group shows that pets are in contact with harmful chemicals, from both synthetic household materials and pre-treated carpets. The study found that the dogs and cats in the research got contaminated by 48 of the 70 industrial chemicals. Moreover, 43 of the prevalent chemicals were at higher levels than those typically found in humans.

Compounds that produce fumes, pesticides, sodium hydroxide, artificial fragrances, acids, are few of the other potentially problematic ingredients. For instance, Chlorine can irritate your pet’s skin and eyes, and as it is denser than air, it settles on the carpet, resulting in irritation burns for your pet. Likewise, ammonia can stir up watery eyes and sneezes.

 Why Go to a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

The ideal way to deal with pet odor and stains is to appoint a professional carpet cleaning company immediately to thoroughly clean and treat your carpet and ensure your pet’s safety. Moreover, there are various benefits to let a professional do the job.

Eliminate Underlying Surface Soil and Lingering Stains

One of the most prevalent issues with pet urine and spot removal is the failure to perfectly clean the stains and underlying surface soil. Some pets tend to repeatedly use the same spot to urine if they can smell a lingering odor of an old stain. This becomes a frustrating issue that will most likely ravage your carpet permanently and possibly the underlying floors along with it.

Ensuring PH Balance and Promoting Carpet Lifespan

Professional carpet cleaners make sure to re-balance the pH level of your carpet, which is ideally 7. Techniques like dual dry stroke and double rinse are used in this process to remove 95% of moisture and residue from the carpet. This is a crucial step in restoring your carpet’s health and allowing it to have a much longer and cleaner life.

Why EnviroClean?

EnviroClean Floor Care and Restoration in South Portland Maine, has been a part of the floor care and restoration industry since 1989. We use a variety of cutting edge methods and equipment to offer superior services to both commercial and residential clients. EnviroClean has been approved by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and uses only CDC compliant chemicals save for your family and your pets.

So pick up your phones and give us a call to know about special discounts and multi-room packages!